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As much as I sometimes hate to admit, I’m a long time LEGO fan. My earliest memories are of building cars and planes out of LEGO bricks when I was around four. Even today I spend time building those same memories with my two daughters, though not as often since their interests are changing.

Since 1996, I’ve been playing around creating ray traced images of my favorite childhood past time: building with LEGO bricks. I’ve always enjoyed the satisfaction of creation, and the mixture of my two loves, computers and LEGO bricks, seemed a perfect fit. I hope you enjoy what is here as much as I enjoyed making it!

What's Up

6/8/2017 — I’m spending all of my time creating content on my main site and not updating this as much. Don’t fret, though. You can now follow only my LEGO posts on Flipboard! I created a magazine just for them. Now, I just need to clean up this old white on black design. Ugh.

7/27/2016 — Today I did some minor tweaking. Don’t expect much, I didn’t make any huge changes. I added some HTML5 and Bootstrap elements to get the site to work on mobile devices. This is just a stop gap while I’m through a major overhaul of the site. Until up, you can check out my LEGO posts on Reid’s for Fun or renders on Flickr.

9/30/2013 — Although I've mostly been putting my time in my other sites, I decided to do some cleanup. I tried to match the column width of my other sites and updated the top menu to match as well. I fixed the links section as well since many of them were no longer valid.

10/25/2009 — Site was converted to new domain after closure of GeoCities.

12/23/2007 — I recently taught an exploratory class to middle school grade children on how to use a computer to create art. It was a learning experience for me trying to use POV-Ray with the students. I had to find ways to help them grasp the concepts of geometry, basic programming, and color blending without overwhelming them. In an attempt to keep it interesting, I showed the students the code to my LEGO models. I believe I was able to get my message across and I hope that more then a few will keep working on their own ray tracing creations.

I have new images. Really! Err, just not here. :-( GeoCities limit makes it a bit hard to add more here. Instead, head to my other site for the latest. Just to prove it, though, here is a link to one of my newer models:
318 Windmill
You can also check out a slide show of the images. Enjoy!

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June 8, 2017