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A Potpourri of Images

Below are links into the various images of my gallery. I've tried to categorize them by theme, but due to age and whim, many just don't fit in a niche, so I've lumped them under Free Style. Enjoy!

Enter Town & City Enter Space Enter Free Style Enter Forest & Castle
Town & City Space Free Style Forest & Castle

Image Information

For the images themselves, I've settled on 200x150 JPEG thumbnails, with 640x480 JPEG enlarged images. Let me know if you'd like a different format (perhaps PNG or ZIPed versions). I apologize for the somewhat fuzzy pictures JPEG compression creates, but it cuts down on the band width and space requirements (of which I am limited to just 10MB, okay so I have enough now) while providing as much color as possible. Don't miss out, these images look their best in high (16bit) or true (24bit) color.

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