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Sorry if the images here are rather spare, but I've preferred the Space theme lately, and haven't really added much here. However, I enjoyed the Dark Forest Theme enough to render the Bandit Ambush, which I present to you below!

6024 Bandit Ambush

When I acquired this model, I liked it so much, I modeled it! This was my first chance to play with some of the newer LEGO bricks such as leaves, big rocks, hooks, and cups. I kind of cheated on the hoods, and, from this angle, I could omit the flame piece. I still have the bow and arrows to render (they are sketched out, but I haven't tried to put them to use yet).

Okay, this is the latest rendering of the 6024 model. Can you tell the difference? (Hint, the mini-figs have been redesigned.) Beyond the simple movements, the colors are better and I've updated all the pieces to add bevels and curves. I also fixed an error -- do you see it? I just hate what JPEG does to my images, though!

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