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The images here date back to one of my first (Oil Rig), to my latest (Police Station). Much of my current work is focusing on this theme, but my mood may sway.

373 Oil Rig

This 1977 model of a Shell Oil Rig that is the oldest model that I still own. It includes the old mini-figures without moving arms or faces. These little guys were soon replaced with the traditional mini-figures of today.

This image was the second model I rendered, the first being a simple shepherd with sheep (see Shepherd in Free Style). When I first tried to render this model, my computer could barely get through the first few draft renderings. I finally updated my LEGO library -- and put more memory in my computer -- to get this to render. It took over four months to finish this model, and I loved every minute of it!

The second picture is a night time version of the oil rig. I wanted to try some different poses and add in a flame.

I have a fixed version of this model, but I need to re-render it. I still have the hoses and the correct hat style to do. Oh, well!

Updated 10 Jan 98: I re-rendered the day time version with my new library. Also fixed a problem with the faucets.

Updated 31 Jul 98: I finally created that old taxicab style hat and re-rendered these two scenes. A little truer to the original!

588 Police Station

This model, although still under construction, is complete enough for viewing. It was created entirely with my new library and includes a few new pieces, to include the baseplate, doors and windows.

Updated 31 Jul 98: I finally added the rest of the stickers and repositioned the scene. I've left the old picture for comparison! Sorry, I haven't rendered any hair pieces yet, so the mechanic still gets a cap.

Updated 5 Aug 98: Okay, I finished the alternate scene to display the rear view showing the office space and jail cell! I found some errors in the scene file while rendering, so I've re-rendered the front image to incorporate the fixes and some tweaks to the library pieces.

602 Police Chief

After rendering the Fire Chief, I just had to render the Police Chief, too! I had a bunch of these small models, and it is interesting to see how the theme has changed over the years. Take a look at the 644 model that has a nicer car!

602 Fire Chief

Okay, maybe not so big, but fun none the less. Actually, my next project after finish the 588 is to model my old fire station, so this seemed appropriate. I had ulterior motives, of course. I was playing around with LDraw and LeoCad to see how hard/easy they were to work with. Not bad, but I was still able to complete this model in less time than with either of the other two programs (and I only had one piece to model -- the fire hat). I have the instructions done in LDraw if there is any interest (just don't look for the minifig!).

644 Police

I rendered this model mostly to show how the sets have changed over the years. Much of the same design in this set is seen in the 588 Police Headquarters. I have two other police sets from other years, a police van, and the newer police sets. Today, a similar small police set has two mini-figs, a small, back swept, sit in car, and a one piece motorcycle! Boy, how times have changed!

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