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The Only Thing Free is Style

The images here are diverse and include my first LEGO ray trace (Shepherd). Many of the images were asked for by friends or family and represent a mix of ideas.


A LEGO airport scene created from the models out of the 1977 LEGO Idea book.

This is an Airport scene designed from the airplanes and control tower in the LEGO Idea Book No. 2, circa 1977. To complete the idea of an airport, I added the mountains from Penguin Pond (brown, of course) and a landing strip.

This image differs from the first version in that it has new mountains (slightly larger) and I fixed a problem with the landing strip.


Here is a cat standing in an open field -- hope there are no dogs around! This image is based on the instructions from a LEGO Free Style bucket that I found in the trash. Never throw away a good set of instructions!


My Daughter and I sat down and worked on this together. We both built the models with real LEGO bricks first. Then we went to the computer and she helped me position them. It was real treat for the two of us!

Moo Cow & Cows

The first image is the original mooing cow in an open field which I created for a friend. The second image uses the same cow, but with my updated library. For good measure, I added a few extra in the distance. The cow was designed using Pink Floyd's Atomic Heart Mother CD as the sample cow. 'Bout time that CD came in handy!

Mean Boss

Okay, a friend at work was a little upset with his new job when he asked me to create this image. I think he felt he was in hell with his boss standing over him. I rendered this image following his suggestions. Remind you of anyone you know?


I modeled this nurse, again, from the LEGO Idea book No. 2, circa 1977, as a surprise for my mom. How many nurses do you know that work on tile under the open sky? Now if I could just add a cart, a hospital, some instruments...hummm.

Note that this image hasn't been changed since I first rendered it. It uses shiny bricks with perfect edges (no lines).

Penguin Pond

A bunch of penguins looking to take a dip in some arctic pond! I messed up on the original render of this image and accidentally created a fat penguin that my wife just loved. So, I left it in, adding a few more for good measure! This image is my staple computer wallpaper! The fat penguin has since become an integral part of my web site design -- thanks, Hon!


Okay, this image is still being worked on. But it is complete enough to display! It was originally conceived as a background for my in-laws, but I never quite found the time to finish it. It depicts the number 24 and the number 3 (before Dale's death) cars tying for first place.

I still need to finish the crowd -- yes the bleachers are supposed to be full. I also wanted to add a viewing box and spruce up some of the minifigs a bit.


Just a Shepherd looking over his sheep! This scene was the first LEGO ray trace I created and is based on a model from the LEGO Idea Book No. 2, circa 1977. This image has been constantly rendered and re-rendered as I played with my LEGO library of bricks, so don't be surprised if it changes again!


This is the snowman from my 1998 Holiday Greetings. I whipped it up in an afternoon while building with my daughters. At the moment, it seemed appropriate as there was about four inches of snow sitting on the ground outside my window!

Copyright © 1996 by Steven Reid

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